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Biosecurity in the Age of Genome Editing


George Mason University

Center for International Security and Cooperation

Stanford University

Arkurity worked with researchers at Stanford University and George Mason University to study critical biosecurity issues related to genome editing technologies and present policy options and recommendations on how to assess their benefits and risks, how to manage the often-competing demands of promoting innovation and preventing misuse, and how to adapt current, or create new, governance mechanisms to achieve these objectives. 


Together, we sought to inform deliberations in the life sciences, regulatory, and security policy communities, as well as the broader scientific community and public stakeholders, on the appropriate measures to promote and safeguard this promising and powerful new technology. A summary report was produced covering key issues, alongside an in-depth primer which provides policymakers with everything they need to know to understand and respond to the security issues emerging from genome engineering technologies.

2017 - 2018

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